Your Application Portfolio

10 things you should know when applying for an MBA:

  1. MBA Schools expect not only hard and soft skills, but the caliber it takes to make an outstanding manager
  2. The schools use an objective process in choosing their students
  3. It takes a long time to prepare for admission
  4. Early application and picking various schools is essential to get in
  5. Make sure your application stands out from the rest
  6. Good performance is important in your academic records
  7. The TOEFL and GMAT test scores are an important criteria in the acceptance process
  8. Extracurricular activities, work experience, a good track record and international exposure are equally important and should be portrayed in your resumÈ
  9. Application Essays and Letters of Recommendation can draw a picture of who you are
  10. The interview puts your face to your credentials

The Resumé:

We have been helping people compile resumes and CVs that have impressed the admissions officers.

Your German CV translated into English just won't do the job!

Extracurricular Activities:

  • It is an opportunity to show that you're alive, energetic, creative, working with other people and demonstrating leadership qualities
  • The activity is not important. What counts is your interest outside your work and studies and your performance in that dimension too
  • It is even more important for those who have limited managerial experience

Work Experience:

  • MBAs require at least 2 years work experience: — usually not counting internships
  • The required amount of experience depends upon each school's policy
  • What type of professional experience are admission officers looking for?
    management consultants, investment bankers, financial controllers...
  • and diversity: government officials, physicians, lawyers...

International Exposure:

Schools look for applicants with a real international scope:

  • Significant stay abroad either to work or to study
  • The number of different languages spoken
  • Hobbies related to another culture
  • Travels abroad
  • The international scope of your job