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P R O F E S S I O N A L   P R O F I L E

People-oriented, highly motivated professional with more then six years of work experience in management consulting. A hard working senior executive consultant, accurate, dependable and highly responsible, result-oriented and committed to creating consistent benefits in clients' businesses. Seeking to realize long-term career goal of obtaining a challenging top executive position.

K E Y   Q U A L I F I C A T I O N S
  • Leadership Qualities:
Good skills in facilitating discussions and decision making
  • Leadership Qualities:
Good skills in facilitating discussions and decision making
  • Analytical skills:
Excellent in content structuring, issue tracking
  • Project Management:
Strong time management skills, prioritizing deadlines
  • Product Development:
Experienced in business strategies
  • Finance:
Strategic Planning and Controlling of public fiscal budgets
  • Written Communication:
Drafting plans, proposals, backgrounders
  • Communication:
Excellent communicator with strong organizational skills
  • Human Resources:
Supervision, training and employee evaluation
  • Computer Skills:
Exceptional command of spreadsheets, databases and charts
  • Languages:
German - mother tongue, English and Italian - working knowledge
E M P L O Y M E N T   H I S T O R Y

GMO Management Consulting GmbH Düsseldorf - Dresden

Founded in 1990, medium-sized management consulting company, approx. 25 employees, HQ Düsseldorf - Dresden branch office. GMO advises state govt. ministries and public authorities (especially Saxony), municipal and council services. Main services in strategy, finance, controlling, HR, organization, project management, IT-Services, coaching.
General Manager of Branch Office Dresden Jan. 2007 - Present

Responsible for office administration of Dresden branch office as independent business unit with wide range of contacts and work relationships with external clients; e.g. state ministries in Saxony, local government authorities, universities in Saxony, contact with internal and external personnel.

  • Provide annual operational business plan and monthly controlling reports to the Düsseldorf headquarters.
  • Manage staff of six employees and perform all personnel functions including interviewing, testing and evaluating.

State Ministry for Economic Affairs und Labor of Saxony

Project Leader: "Services in Saxony — a state-of-the art signpost"
  • Analyzed both rate of employment in Saxony and Germany in 3rd sector and economic situation of Saxony's service companies from 1999 to present.
  • Analyzed major future mega trends in business, society and environment regarding service companies

Medium-sized company for electrical appliances in Bavaria

Interim-Manager: New "miniature circuit breaker" generation
  • Oversaw project management for all activities of development, production, sales, customer services.
  • Matched all development processes, including relocation of production site and international trade fair representation.
  • Trained junior consultants in MS-Office software.


  • Set up branch office in Dresden, October 2005, recruited employees.
  • Established internal GMO standard for proposals, preparing client offers and invitations to tender for authorities, especially Saxony.
  • Increased company business in Saxony considerably.
  • Improved employee qualification structure through internal and external training.
  • Innovated documentation standards and researching procedures.
Senior Consultant, GMO Management Consulting GmbH, Düsseldorf Jan. 2003 - Nov. 2006

Projects and responsibilities:
State Ministry for Environment and Agriculture of Saxony

Project Leader: "Introduction of an efficient controlling system for 500 million € of public means."
  • Investigated structure of subsidies of EU - defined suitable standards for terms and expressions.
  • Established clear structured controlling tables, improved necessary controlling instruments.
  • Trained accounting team, established proper and timely monthly reports to the Secretary of State, State Chancellery of Saxony.
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E M P L O Y M E N T   H I S T O R Y cont.
Project Leader: "Reconstruction after the flood of the Elbe River, August 2002"
  • Responsible for team of six consultants.
  • Introduced additional, completely new, monthly controlling and accounting system for 6.700 M € of public subsidies from European Union and Federal Republic of Germany to rebuild flood damage in Saxony.
  • Ensured project management for the realization of database, reporting software "Flood Control".
  • Controlled time schedules and pointed out ever project-delay in quarterly project status-reports.
  • Established monthly strategic reporting to Minister-President Milbradt and Saxon Council of Ministers.
  • Wrote brochures and material for publication, coordinated print media campaigns and supported press releases.
  • Accomplished a controlled pay out of 6.700 M € to over 100.000 civilians, municipals and companies.

State Ministry for Finance of Saxony

Project Manager: "New public accounting system"
[Neues Steuerungsmodell (NSM) der sächsischen Staatsverwaltung]
Junior Consultant, GMO Management Consulting GmbH, Düsseldorf May 2001 - Dec. 2002

Projects and responsibilities::
State Ministry for Finance of Saxony

Project Manager: "New public accounting system"
[Neues Steuerungsmodell (NSM) der sächsischen Staatsverwaltung]
Hessian Ministry of Justice
Project Manager: "Modernization of Hessian legal authorities"
Progetto CMR, Engineering Integrated Services, Milan July 1999 - Sept. 2000

Italian's leading architecture office for integrated engineering, safety services and space planning. Specialist in "area architettura".

  • Gained experience in reorganizing construction sites.
  • Designed modern workspaces with CAD-programs.
  • Operated feasibility studies for international companies such as Munich Re Assurance, Cisco Systems, Swisscom.
  • Developed state-of-the-art version of standardized format of feasibility study as internal methodology standard.
Heitkamp, Stuttgart July 1994 - Sept. 1994

Construction company (among 10 largest construction companies in Germany with subsidiaries throughout Federal Republic, especially as prime contractor for construction of commercial real estate).

Responsibility: Assistant of building site management-location at two building sites in Saxony

  • Acquired basic knowledge of managing a construction site.
  • Supported laborers at the site.
  • Gain experience in correct workmanship of concrete and other building materials.
University of Karlsruhe

Study of Architecture
Majored in the areas of: "Energy-optimized Construction, Economics of Construction, Urban Development and Restructuring of Urban Industrial Complexes"

Oct. 1994 - Aug. 1998

Scientific Assistant of Prof. A. Wagner (Karlsruhe Technical University)
Institute for Constructional Physics.
Main tasks:

  • Mentoring Lower Grade students (1st and 2nd semesters)
  • Organization and execution of excursions
  • Correction and checking of homework
  • Optimization of the corporate faculty design
Oct. 1996 - June 1997
MA in Architecture

Diploma in Architectural engineering (Second top student with A - grade)
Thesis: "A new flexible office use and further on an energetic redevelopment of the head building of Central Station 'Roma Termini' at Rome."
Redevelopment and optimization of energy usage of the main railway station Roma Termini in Rome. Feasibility study for the construction of flexibly used temporary office space, as well as hotel usage

April 2001
'Erasmus'-student at Politecnico di Milano, Milan

Advanced study of topics regarding constructional physics (Lighting in buildings, hygiene in public hospitals), redevelopment and alternative usage of municipal industrial complexes in the north of Milan.

Sept. 1998 - June 1999
Seminar, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania:

Urban Development
A one-month Urban Development Seminar in association with University of Dar Es Salaam in an unplanned settlements of Dar Es Salaam - a diverse project team with students from Tanzania.
Residence and work on campus and daily work on the project locations, surveying the settlement, compilation of maps and urban construction designs.

June 1999
Study trip, India

Rajasthan Garden Culture

August 1996