English for Effective E-mails


Required level: Intermediate – determined by Logik Sprachtraining placement test

This workshop is given in English but includes all general international rules and business etiquette that should be considered in e-mail writing.

All written business communication, whether on the screen or on paper, projects the image of the company.

E-mail is rapidly becoming the most common and quickest means of business and personal communication. Just because e-mail gets there faster, however, does not mean you should spend less time preparing the detail.

Improve your Electronic Communication:

  • Evaluate your e-mail style
  • Write clear, concise and perfectly styled e-mails that get right to the point
  • Learn good formatting
  • Learn to write for the international public
  • Learn to use effective phrases
  • Avoid sexist language
  • Learn to differentiate between formal, neutral and informal styles
  • Learn writing skills:
sentence structure, typical mistakes, punctuation, spelling
  • Business writing:
correspondence between the customer and supplier
arranging appointments
invitations, directives
negotiating a project
inquiries, orders and confirmation
invoices and reminders giving good and bad news
proposals and recommendations
  • Dealing with problems:
complaints and apologies
  • Reports:
Structure of a report