English for International Meetings


Required level: intermediate to advanced – determined by placement test

All business people need to take part in or even chair meetings. They need to be equipped with a range of skills and language to help them overcome many of the difficulties they may be confronted with.

Each Step of the meeting will be recorded on video – not as a test – but as documentation of the progress and as reference material in preparing future meetings.

  • Participants learn the required communication skills and phrases for meetings – from preparation and the agenda to closing the meeting and minutes.
  • Participants are given roles in mini-meetings so that by the end of the seminar they have developed confidence and competence in dealing in various situations
  • Participants are made aware of the important cultural differences when taking part and/or chairing international meetings.
  • Calling a meeting
  • Opening the meeting
  • The structure of a meeting
  • Interrupting and presenting an argument
  • Questioning techniques for specific information
  • Participating in a brainstorming meeting
  • Participating in a decision-making meeting
  • Organizing and participating in a full-length meeting