English for International Negotiations


Required level: Upper-intermediate to advanced – determined by placement test

Even if you don’t take part in negotiations on an international level, most of you will need to negotiate with a colleague, boss, customer or supplier at some point.

Effective negotiations promise some of the biggest rewards of all communication skills – the salary rise, a budget increase, or the right deal for the company

  • The seminar develops the key skills and language step by step addressing key cultural and communication issues and tactics.
  • The participant is taken through a number of role plays thus building confidence and competence.
  • The participant develops the skills required to lead to the successful negotiation process.
    The negotiation role is recorded and is then analysed.
  • The participant is encouraged to develop a personal negotiation style – taking strengths and weaknesses into account.
  • The course focuses on communication skills so that the participant recognizes how much the personal culture influences the negotiation tactics.
  • This concept is then used to develop flexibility when dealing with negotiators from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Negotiation – win or lose?
  • The effective negotiator
  • The negotiation process
  • Preparing fort he negotiation
  • Preparing the background
  • The opening position
  • Working towards agreement
  • Strategies in problem-solving
  • Negotiation language
  • Difficult negotiation partners
  • Evaluation
  • Cultural tips