English for the Receptionist

The Receptionist is the “cover page” of every company

2-day Workshop or 12 x 90-minute Module

This course covers all the skills required by the receptionist. These people are the ‘cover page’ of every company and although, as we say in English: “Never judge a book by its cover’, we invariably do.

  • Tenses and Grammar:
A review of the main tenses
  • Social Etiquette:
Introductions, greetings, goodbyes, small talk, giving directions, dealing with visitors
  • Business Skills:
The receptionist’s duties, describing the organization – divisions, departments and responsibilities improving your ‚image’
  • Writing Skills:
Writing effective emails – making reservations, confirming arrangements
  • Telephone Skills:
Dealing with spelling and numbers, answering the phone, connection the caller, taking messages, your “Telephone Voice”
  • Communication Skills:
Asking polite questions, making polite requests, giving directions, apologizing, responding