English for Computer Users & Technical Purposes

24 x 90 Minute Module

The material used in the course is NOT meant to teach the skills of how to use a computer, etc. but to learn the vocabulary used when dealing with and explaining computers in English.

After this course, the participant has the opportunity to take the "TOEIC" — Test of English for International Communication.

The course embraces the following - and more as required:

  • Tenses & Grammar:
A short review of the main forms
  • Computer Language:
Practice exercises with technical language eg. applications, bits and bytes, operating systems, spreadsheets, word processing …
Giving instructions
Describing processes
  • Meetings & Negotiations:
Principles of meetings and negotiations
Useful phrases for chairing meetings
Phases of a meeting and negotiation
Negotiation styles
Role plays – mini-meetings and negotiations
  • Presentations:
Principles of effective presentations
Describing trends and visual aids
How to give a good demonstration
  • Writing Skills:
Writing reports and recommendations
Effective e-mail writing
Polite phrases
  • Telephone Skills:
Principles of effective telephoning
Dealing with complaints
Role plays – typical telephone situations
  • Intercultural Skills:
Insight into the intercultural differences in behaviour between Americans, Britons and Germans
Concepts of time, contracts, management styles, etc