English for the Consultant/Manager

5-day seminar or 25 x 90 Minute Module

Good communication skills in English are essential when dealing with customers in the global market place. A good knowledge of grammar and a rich vocabulary just aren’t enough!

Costly business breakdowns occur because of inter-cultural misunderstandings - usually not because of what was said, but how it was said – and sometimes what was not said.

Here, the intercultural understanding plays an integral role in global business relations.

  • Business Social Skills:
Introductions, greetings and good byes.
The importance of Small Talk
Entertaining business guests and being entertained around the world.
  • Tenses and Grammar:
A short overview
  • Business Language:
Business jargon and idioms.
Describing trends, forecasts and reviews
Business terminology, eg. finance, personnel, marketing and sales, technology, etc.
  • Communication Skills:
Asking for and giving advice, recommendations, opinions
Being persuasive, assertive, giving feedback, agreeing and disagreeing tactfully, polite questions, giving orders and directives, interrupting
Case studies – decision-making in business situations
  • Presentation Skills:
The ‘Presentation Planner’ for effective presentations
Sequencing the presentation and keeping the audience’s attention.
Describing visuals – diagrams, charts and graphs
Body language - using your voice and body to convince the audience.
  • Negotiation Skills:
Rules, Styles and phases of negotiations
The ‚Harvard Business School’ negotiation style
Role plays and case studies
  • Meetings:
Useful phrases, phases of a meeting.
Chairing the meeting effectively
Cross cultural differences in meetings
Role plays – Mini-meetings and case studies
  • Intercultural Skills:
The concepts of „TIME“ around the world.
The concepts of „CONTRACTS“ around the world.
Authentic case studies
  • Written Correspondence:
Polite formulations in letters and emails
Writing reports, social business notes
  • Telephone Skills:
Making appointments, dealing with complaints, telephone “1-2-3