English for Socializing

12 x 90-Minute Module

Globalization is putting high demands on executives in order to succeed in business.

More than 50% of all strategic alliances and joint ventures fail because of a lack of intercultural competence - an expensive issue!

  • Intercultural Differences and Etiquette Around the World
  • The First Contact:
Greeting visitors, introductions and small talk
Getting to know each other – developing a conversation
Daily greetings
Saying good bye and good wishes
  • Making Arrangements:
Face-to-face, on the telephone, in writing – formal or informal?
Accepting and turning down invitations
The right conversation – active listening, taboo topics
  • Invitations:
Eating out - arranging a time and place
Thanking, compliments, showing appreciation
The menu – describing dishes – German - English
  • Case Studies:
Entertaining and gift giving around the world
  • Social Business letters & Memos:
Letters and phrases for all occasions – birthdays, Christmas, promotions, getting married, condolences, etc.
  • Political Correctness:
What you should (not) say and write